Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LLELA sandie fix

Shannon wanted to try for some buffs at LLELA, and I tagged along. We spent the first hour looking for trout, which proved useless, so Shannon opted to go downstream while I went back upstream. I won.

Got back to the dam and made a few casts at the other bank with a bugger. It got slammed by a drum on the 2nd or 3rd cast but it didn't hook up, so I kept casting and eventually changed to a Chartreuse/white clouser. Bingo. First cast- fish on

Not a bad sandbass, a scrappy small keeper. I released it and went back to casting. 3 casts later produced the same result.
This one was smaller but fought a little more. Shannon blanked downstream so he came up and saw a pod of buffalo and begins casting. 45 minutes later, I hook a few more and land another

Pretty little fish, but nothing big. I caught 1 more then went home shortly after Shannon. I've had my weekly sandbass fix, now I need to find some bigger ones! LLELA was great as always. Fortunately, the flow was up a little from last time I was there and the fish seemed a little deeper. I hope we get some rain soon, because that'll kick start every water body in the metroplex!  I caught and released 4 scrappy little guys, I hope the females start coming up soon! I got beat up by the wind all day; despite it being 85 degrees sunday the wind was blowing 25 gusting to 40 at times, which made balancing on rocks really tough, I was sore all day today. Well, time to get some rest. 

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