Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fish in at the Cliffs

The Lone Star Carp Brigade fish in on Grapevine at the cliffs was great! We got a bunch, and a few really nice buffs were caught. I met Donny, Justin, Bret, and Zach(Yes, Zach actually showed up AND fished!)
Donny's little 4lb carp

Justin's mugshot and a nice buff

This one was 21

Baby Buff

My chunk buff

19lb buff, great pic Zach!

My 11lb common and PROOF that Zach showed up!


  1. I've been staring at the rod holder in pic #1, and can say I've never seen such a thing. What happened to propping it up on a rock?

  2. Haha the pod? Yeah, advanced stuff right there, with bite alarms, hangers, and all the bells and whistles. I can't say I need it, but it makes waiting for a bite a hell of a lot more fun!