Monday, March 28, 2011

Texoma 3/26

Ryan and I hit decided to hit Texoma Saturday to give our other swims a little rest. Glad we did that!!

Well, to start Texoma is almost 8 feet low, which is LOW! Really really low. Has it impacted the carp and buff fishing? Not one bit!
We got out there around 1:00 after running around to several marinas looking for some deep spots deep enough to set up in. We ended up going back to my favorite spot by far, the marina less than 10 miles from the Grandparents house. We were into fish within minutes of setting up.

Ryan's first common from Texoma, and the first one i've seen caught.

I break the buff streak with a common, a 16 and a new water body PB for Texoma! About here, I absolutely crushed Ryan in fish caught. I started catching and he started missing out.

Uhh, Bluegill??? On a pop up?
The biggest buff of the trip came in at 18lbs 4oz

ANOTHER 16. Is 16 the magic common number?

DOUBLE! I got a 17lb buff and a 22lb common double! Water body PB!

Ok it only gets better!

DOUBLE again! Ryan got the smaller buff... I let him be in the pic this time. A nice way to end the day!

If someone tries to convince you Texoma isn't low...
Don't believe them. It's low

We fished until 7. I ended the day with 17 carp and buffalo and 1 catfish. Ryan got 11 carp and buffs plus 4 catfish. I did the best on Strawberry, Cherry, or Banana maize on a hair rig or Grape maize on a D-rig. We also got a few on pop ups, fake maize, boilies, and a bunch of other stuff through the day. Awesome trip!

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