Saturday, October 9, 2010


I fished LLELA today, and I guess I did pretty good. I walked all the way down to the old railroad bridge and fished around the steep banks. I never saw a single carp but saw plenty of buffalo while wading around the first island. I got 1 TEENY crappie, 3 largemouths, and a small but feisty spotted bass.

Got the crappie on a CarpRunner but the rest were on this, a hot flash minnow with a split shot

I'm now going out to the main lake side for a while. I hope I can at least get something!


  1. Fly looks to be a good silverside impression.

  2. I've had some great days on that fly, it works great for any kkin of small shad or minnow imitaton. Hell, even caught a tarpon on it in Cancun!