Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend report and a belly ache day

This weekend was OK. The weather sucked sunday but I made the best of it.
Friday- fished with Jonathan at Andy Brown. He caught a little bass on a small clouser and I caught a little bass and a nice little greenie on one of my shad dart crappie flies.

Saturday Morning- I went to the Coppell Library pond and Spot Pond with Scott and caught 5 on a Marabou Maruder

Saturday Afternoon- Met Marty at Twin lakes for some carpin (or I should say Koi'in)and blanked on all fish that are not sunfish. Caught a nice Warmouth/Greenie hybrid and a few bass plus a bass a little over 2 I got on a live bluegill

The cormorants are showing up. Dammit! I saw one at the drain today too!

 Saturday Afternoon- fished my Granparents pond with an ultra light and bread for a break from the flyrod cats. I got a 9lber and a 14lber

Sunday- Off to Texoma. Got 2 little spotted bass cranking the tires on Cedar Mills Marina between 8 and 9AM


I found a new fly called the Belly Ache Minnow (google it) and tied up a few. I got a few bass, bluegill, a greenie, and broke off a large bass that broke the tippet with 2 headshakes.

That's all for now!


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