Friday, October 15, 2010

Last weekend report

I haven't had any time! I'll get some pictures posted after school. After llela Saturday, I blanked at lewisville then went up to my grandparents and get ready for the koi trip with Shannon and Joel. Sunday morning I got 1 greenie at the Ray Roberts dam then I got 2 longears at ray roberts state park. After that I tried for koi, and I BLANKED! I even threw the cast net for a while and got a few branches(that's it!)

Monday I got home and went to grapevine to try for a few sandbass. I limited! First time I've ever caught a limit on grapevine! Live shad and a 1/4oz redeye shad seemed to kill e'm!

Tuesday the wind changed and the sandbass shut off. I got 5 on a slab spoon. Big time wind and whitecaps everywhere!

Wednesday I took my float tube out to Freeport for some bass. I put on a 2/0 dahlberg diver to try for a larger fish. I got 3 with the biggest a hair under 10 inches. Little bitty bass on a sage largemouth is like hunting squirrels with a missle launcher.

Yesterday I tried for a bass at the drain and only got 1 hit. I hope today's better and saturday's even better. Some TFFers and I are going to the Denison dam for some fishing, I hope all goes well!

Today I went to the Vine again. I came close to limiting! 18 samdies, 1 LMB and a Channel cat. Lotsa people, 8 boats out there today. I was still the last one there!

some pics from this week

Shad on the fly- no it wasn't snagged. it ate the fly!



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