Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, I guess i'm back too. I haven't posted in almost a MONTH! DANG that seems like a long time. I promise I won't be gone from posting here for that long again. I've made a new years resolution to start posting regularly on the blog's Facebook page too, so start looking on there more often and you should get to see some cool stuff.

The main thing on this post is the TFRs, or Texas Fly Reports, site is back up and seems to be running smoothly at last! The past host site was running ok at first, but we soon found out that the forum software we were using had been abandoned and we started getting absolutely slammed with spammers. We were getting hundreds of spammers a week signing up on the site, and it just got overwhelming. Shannon finally decided that our small band of moderators(basically him and me)couldn't deal with it anymore and recently took the site down and moved it over to where it's hosted now at phpBB. Sadly, we lost all of our past information, all posts, member profiles, threads, everything, but we have the site back and are starting to promote it again to try and replenish the info we lost and get some new topics rolling on the site. Well, with that being said, the site is now back up and running fine, so go sign up and start posting! There will be some big changes within the next few weeks, so keep checking back often!

Go check the site out at


  1. Austin
    Glad you are back with us. I am looking forward to some great warmwater post.

  2. Ditto Bill - give us those bass photos!!!