Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Out of practice

Ok, so it's been a while since i've picked up a fly rod.

Way too long of a while.

I realized today that I hadn't fly fished in over a month and a half, too long when you live in a place that the water's not frozen over and fishing's possible year round. I decided that I needed to get out, and headed to the Library ponds today after school. What I didn't remember for some reason that it had rained a few days before. Once I got there, I found that the familiar flat close to the culverts that I fish so much had leaves blanketing the surface and the water was pretty cold.

I walked the entire length of the pond, then walked down to the next section and continued, flicking a clouser or a bugger into the muddy cold water. I really didn't see ANYTHING the whole time I was there. I just kept walking until I got to Andy brown then just left. Oh well, still felt good to get out and fly fish again. Sooner or later it'll be spring and i'll be chasing the sandbass run and the bass spawn. Can't wait till then but in the mean time I guess I can tie some flies in anticipation.


  1. Austin
    Take heart, it doesn't hurt every once in a while to just get out a cast to keep in practice. Think of this trip as a practice trip for spingtime. The main reason I joined your blog was to read some great warmwater fly fishing. I know you will have some great post coming in the spring.

  2. Don't worry, once the bass really get on the feed i'll have a lot more to show!