Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The hard part

Shannon challenged me last year to take on the "Catch a carp on the fly every month of the year" challenge. Of course this would be the hard part, catching a carp on the fly in December and January. I need to FIND some first then go about catching them on a fly rod. most of them are deep right now but sooner or later I hope things will come together for me. I've made it through May, June, July, August, September, October, and November so far, hopefully I can seal the gap in the next 5 months and finally get the challenge over with.

Another thing is I finally got a decent camera for video, a GoPro! I've been playing with it a little bit, it's really cool. I need to play with the settings and figure them out before I can really start using it but it's gonna be fun having I know.
Hopefully i'll have some actual fish in the next post (lol)


  1. Go to the Duck Pond at Virginia Tech. You shouldn't have any trouble there, those fish are dead stupid.

  2. Austin
    I am looking forward to your carp post for the winter months. I feel I will learn something here about fly fishing in the dead of the winter.