Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend Murray session

John and I did an overnight session at Murray in a different swim than the last time I fished it. It wasn't great but the weather was excellent and I got out and fished for the first time in a few weeks.

The session started really slow. We showed up at the swim around 4 on Saturday and had lines in the water by about 5 after some baiting. John just got some new rods and reels and I had to try those out along with several other new bits and pieces but after a few hours with no crashes, no beeps, just nothing, we decided we didn't have enough bait in the water. A little more bait was added and it did the trick, fish started showing consistently.

After a good bit of baiting it was already dark and we ate, recasted, and talked for a bit. Around 1 we noticed the sky started to get dark(full moon, so it was noticable) so we looked up and lo and behold it started to rain. First rain there in almost 3 months, so this was a BIG deal. Didn't rain a ton but it definitely turned the fish on. After making another bucket of method the first fish showed on my rod, a small tiddler of a common, but it was a well welcomed first fish

When John and I make method, we go all out. This method contained more ingredients than I can remember.

first fish came shortly after. 6lbs and some change

The night became quiet shortly after, so it was time to get a few shots with the camera and hit the bedchair. Got a few of these, notice John's homemade banksticks and snag bars he let me use!

After this John picked up a catfish and the rest of the night was quiet till I hooked something that broke off, I think it was a grasser or something.

Few cool morning shots

John about to fire some groundbait balls with the catapult

Ready to go!

Here comes the sun!

My personal favorite pic from the trip

Morning didn't pick up quite as quickly as we had wished but the first fish came a while after sunrise. This fish made quite a ruckus in our swim. Somehow when John netted it he picked up a bloody snake in my net! It got caught but we got it out after a bit of confusion. 

no snakes
 some snakes were harmed in this session

Fish was nice though, tipped the scales at a little over 10

The next fish was special. My first Oklahoma buff! She went 19lb 8oz

Ejected the lead too, I'm not sure I could have landed it without ejecting the lead

Next fish was even more special! 21lb 3oz buff ups my Okie PB and water body PB

Nice fish too! Notice the hump behind the head, fish was too big for it's own body

Gear shot, I'm a tart

Well, that's it! I'm still convinced this swim has lots more to offer. until then I'm sticking with my other swim. Just as a side note all of my fish were caught on tigernuts fished with either a PVA stick of fishmeal pellets or a method ball.

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