Friday, September 9, 2011

San Antonio- Talapia woes and undersized bass

I was in San Antonio last weekend and fished of course. I tried a place called Roosevelt Park on the San Antonio River both days that I fished. I was surprised at how much flow there actually was there. I didn't do too bad, caught some decent bass, Pretty good spot for being only 10 minutes from the hotel. The thing that immediately caught my eye were the TILAPIA. Tons of them. I had a few eat flies too, but none of them would stay hooked and they were EXTREMELY spooky. They were gone at the slightest ripple. Hooked a nice one but lost it...i'll catch one finally some day. There were some absolutely huge talaps there too. Oh well, here's a bass
That's not gonna cut it, is it guys?
Don't worry, more pics tomorrow. The rest are on my phone and I'm too tired to upload them...I know...lazy

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