Friday, October 28, 2011

New Swim

Lack of posting...I know. Busy fishing

Here's a video Ryan and I recorded last week. Awesome vid on a new water we just discovered. Enjoy!


  1. There are some nice fish in that water. If you wonder why it's so deep for small body it used to be a boat dealership in the 80's. They sold big boats and big sail boats that needed the depth. It used to be a race track there in the 60's and early 70's. Huge track and was like a Grand Prix type track that ran all over that area and around those lakes.

  2. What else do you know about the place? I've been trying to get some history behind the water to try to wrap my head around the place. I'm going to start putting a lot of time into it to try to crack it, I know there's some carp over 20 plus some really nice koi and ghost carp in it.

  3. I wished I knew more. My dad or mom might know. Back in the early 70's I remember the race track and a tall tower like at an airport for the anouncers. I think when they made the race track the made the lakes. That or during the construction of I35. My great uncle worked on it and he said they had a few rock quarries to get dirt to build up the hwy in places. They left them behind to fill with water. The race track closed down then the land was used by dirt bike riders, 4x4s, and anybody wanting to go fish. Then they started to build up the area and a boat dealership fixed up that lake and put in the docks. That placed didn't last long. I don't know who stocked them? I bet they pumped water from the Trinity to fill them. Lucky that one can still be fished. Most of them are posted. I know of bass and crappie in there but I didn't know about the carp. There are carp in that creek behind Academy too. They recently posted that area but can't stop it from being fished from the water. I love kayaks!!