Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CarpRunner tutorial

It's freezing and snowing right now. In Texas. Insanity.
Of course, the tarp blew off the kayak so it's covered in snow and ice. Great...

So, to beat the cold weather i'm doing a tying tutorial- the CarpRunner, my carp fly. I came up with it on a trip to PK lake, which if you don't know is a deep super clear lake on the brazos river. It is full of carp, and it's deep. Most of the carp were around 5-6 feet deep when cruising and eating. I needed a fly that would het down to them quickly, not make too much of a splash entry into the water, and most importantly catch them. I drafted the CarpRunner and it worked, so here it is
Hook- any 2-3x long streamer size 10-6 (8 is what I use 95% of the time)
Eyes- black bead chain or black lead dumbells
Thread- light is the best- 6/0 or 8/0
Tail- tuft of Rootbeer rabbit fur
Body- Varigated chenille- Coffee/olive
Hackle- Brown or Olive
Rib- Medium Black ultra wire

1. Start your thread near the hook eye

2. tie in the eyes with figure 8 wraps

3. Tie in the rabbit fur tuft for the tail

4. tie in the chenille

5. Tie in the wire

6. Wrap everything forward and tie off.
  The original version has lead dumbell eyes and some lead down by the hook bend to make it fall level but  really don't think that's necessary unless the extra weight is needed. 

Fishing tips
I fish this on a 5 or 6wt fly rod, floating weight forward or double taper fly line, and a 8-10lb flourocarbon tippet. It also works great for really anything. The current species list is Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted bass, Buffalo, Carp, River Carpsucker, Bluegill, Longear, Green sunfish, Redear sunfish, Redbreast sunfish, Channel Catfish, Blue catfish, Black and Yellow Bullhead, Black and White Crappie, Almost a Koi, Drum, and White Bass. It's an awesome multispecies fly that imitates craws, small minnows like sculpins,  and Larger nymphs present in many lakes and rivers. Tie one on and you'll catch e'm if they are there!


  1. When they are 6 feet down the are TOUGH! I feel better though because we have over a foot of snow here and I was just thinking that those lucky Texan's were probably out carpin. Misery deserves company.

  2. Way cool! 6'deep i would be the weird one with an indicator to aid strike detection.


  3. I received one of these in the fly swap, great! I have a similar fly with a more robust tail but a 3/16" bead and legs. I'm anxious to try yours out! Thanks, Gregg